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Strategy | Branding | Social Listening

Carefree Marketing supplies uniquely cutting edge methodology and acumen for our clients’ overall strategies. We refine information from consumer digital media channels, provide comprehensive “makeovers” for personnel and brands, as well as provide roadmaps to achieve ambitious EBITDA benchmarks.



We bring our clients a technology blueprint that cultivates competitive insight that derives from internal, market, and antidotal data. Our solutions inform the most intelligent decision-making for rates and resource allocation while helping develop brand affinity.

Building partnerships

CM is more than just a single entity. Its strength is enhanced by many long-established, results-proven alliances with some of the best experts across all Uber Luxury brands. We create direct relationships between clients and allied partners, serving as a counselor rather than a "middleman."

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Composite apps, inc.

CA’s revolutionary CURA app combines the tried and true business intelligence data points for luxury hospitality brands into a single interface that derives enormous value from your internal and market information. CA’s exclusive hi-tech tools help CM’s partners by doing the heavy lifting for informing resource and price planning.

Long Nguyen

Founder & CEO, composite apps

“Luxury brands have such unique markets. What our technology attempts to do is capture the wide range of different data and market intelligence that matters in these esoteric ecosystems, refine context in each area, and then combine all of the arrived upon insights into meaningful, easily understood metrics that allow for highly informed decision-making.”


Our respective partners

Carefree Marketing Can "Hit The Deck Running"
With a Wide Range of Solutions, Including:

  • Sales / Marketing / Branding / Revenue
  • Luxury Intel
  • Agencies' - Marketing, PR, Digital & Social Media
  • Social Listening - Analysis and Technology Solution
  • Corporate Speaker / Best-Selling Author
  • Training & Education
  • Sustainability Mapping
  • Sales Analysis with Custom Tailored Analytics/Apps
  • Technology Analysis & Solutions
  • “Business Makeovers”
  • Development of “Market Disruption” Maps
  • Uber Luxury Media in Support of Marketing Plan & budgets
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